Tarawa Art

The Marine Corps Art Collection contains many interesting works depicting all the Marine eras. A number of excellent examples are available at the following link. High resolution copies are also there for downloading.

Marine Corps Art Collection

Col. Waterhouse, a Marine, has done some excellent artwork that have been widely seen in a number of publications. His painting of the Tarawa invasion, "The Seawall at Tarawa," has been described by some veterans as a very realistic portrayal of the landing. Prints of this work and others are available for purchase at the following website.

Col. Charles Waterhouse

Marine artist Richard M. Gibney was an assualt engineer at Tarawa. He has a number of works depicting the action and horror of the fight for Betio. These paintings are part of a series about his Marine Corps service in the south Pacific during World War II.

Richard M. Gibney

Many of the pencil drawings by Kerr Eby of Tarawa can be found at the Navy Art Collection.

Navy Art Collection

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